The Importance Of Sleeping Bags When Backpacking

The backpacking bags are designed to minimize weight, while the sleeping bags intended for camping will be all about providing comfort. Generally, these bags are wider, cushier, softer and more affordable than the backpacking alternatives. The following will give you an idea of what to pay attention to when shopping for a sleeping bag.

Look for Temperature Rating

The temperature rating on these bags pinpoints the lowest level AKSOUL sleeping pad that the bag will keep an average person warm. If you see a bag with a rating of 20 degrees, this means that most persons should stay comfortable if the temperature falls below 20°F. The ratings also expect that the individual will be wearing long underwear and utilizing a sleeping pad.

Metabolism differs from one person to another and the temperature ratings for the bag will differ from one manufacturer to another, therefore the ratings should be used only be used as a guide.

Some other factors which affect comfort and warmth

Sleeping pad: It will protect the space in between the cold ground and bag as well as provides a cushioning layer.

Tent: By using a tent traps an additional layer of dead air will be surround you, heating it by as much as 10°F.

Metabolism: Do you think you’re a cold sleeper, because you want extra padding when sleeping or perhaps you kick off all covers while you are sleeping at home.

Gender: Females usually want warmer bags compared to males, as much as 8°F hotter per EN or European Norm.

Clothing: Longer under garments and clean socks can help protect you whilst also keeping the oils off your body from touching the bag. Caps and neck gaiters will help to maintain body heat. On the colder nights, pants and fleece jackets will be ideal.

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