Reasons Why You Should Consider Purchasing a Tungsten Ring

Tungsten is quickly becoming one of the most popular metals used in the manufacture of men’s rings. Tungsten provides a number of benefits not found in rings made from other materials; if you’re looking for a stylish dress ring or wedding band you should men tungsten rings consider tungsten for the following reasons.

Tungsten is tough

What sets tungsten apart from other precious metals is tungsten is extremely tough. Tungsten is up to 10 times stronger than 18k gold and almost as hard as diamond. This means that tungsten won’t scratch (or at least not very easily) so your ring will look like new for the length of its life. If you do a lot of manual labour you should consider tungsten to help prevent your ring from getting scratched or dented.

Tungsten is affordable

Many people are turning to alternative metals as a cheaper option over pricier precious metals. Tungsten used to be quite expensive as the hardness of the metal made them difficult to manufacture. As technology has advanced over the years tungsten rings are no longer as difficult to manufacture as they once were resulting in a steady drop in their price.

Tungsten is stylish

Tungsten rings come in a variety of different styles for both men and women. Some rings feature carbon fibre inlays giving them a tough high tech look. Other popular design options are engraved celtic knots and inlaid diamonds. Tungsten rings are also available in a variety of different colors with the most popular being black, blue and gold.

Tungsten is hypoallergenic

Some people are allergic to the certain metals used in jewellery that can result in redness, dry skin and rashes. Usually this happens from cheap or impure jewellery, the best option for people who have this condition is to choose a metal that is hypoallergenic like tungsten. Cheap tungsten rings often contain cobalt so be sure if you are purchasing a tungsten ring that it’s cobalt free.

Tungsten is symbolic

As tungsten rings are strong and durable they are a popular choice for wedding rings as it symbolises strength. This strength is often used as a reminder to the wearer of the strength of their relationship and a strong marriage.

Finding the right tungsten ring

Different people prefer different styles of rings. Wide rings can be uncomfortable for some people especially if you have short fingers so if you have short fingers I would suggest a ring smaller than 6mm in width. To find your ring size you’ll need to measure the circumference of your finger. Once you have the circumference of your finger use a ring size guide to find your size.

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