Improve Profitability With GPS Fleet Management

Technology has made the task of fleet management easy, organized and more effective than before for owners of transport businesses. Managing a fleet of trucks that are constantly on the move is not an easy task and any lapse in management can lead to considerable financial setback and loss of credibility.

The introduction of GPS technology has proved to be a boon for the transport business. The transport business involves extensive capital investment. There are high operational and maintenance expenses at every stage and unless proper checks and constant monitoring is done to track vehicles and ensure minimum breakdowns, the business is doomed. Luckily, GPS fleet management has provided fleet owners with a very effective tool that helps them keep abreast of the latest position of each vehicle so that corrective measures can be taken well in advance. All that the owner needs to do is find a suitable online agency that provides the latest truck tracking system and use it to optimize operational and maintenance costs and protect the assets of the organisation.

Basics Of A Truck Tracking System

The basic element of a truck tracking system is the GPS satellite system How to use telematics to reduce fleet costs and increase savings that has been put into orbit around the earth. Information is beamed to it from the earth and it is transmitted back to a small GPS receiver which consists of an integrated RF cellular module. This device also serves to transmit its location and other vital data to servers that collect different types of data, assimilate them and present them to the owner. Satellites were earlier used to make the communication uplinks available but as a result of advancement in technology, GPRS networks are now being used throughout the United States. By using the latest terrestrial wireless network, truck tracking systems have become inexpensive.

Latest Features

Some reliable websites providing Fleet management services have added many new features which have improved the performance of truck tracking systems. Apart from a user friendly interactive display of the GPS device, the screen is customisable and provides unprecedented flexibility of operations. The icons have been designed to be easily recognisable and there is a provision for getting multiple map views and related data. The screen positions can be altered as per convenience and the window sizes can be customised. This enables dispatchers to selectively view information that is most crucial at any particular time.

The job of dispatchers and fleet managers has become more effective because of the latest facility of being able to see a number of interactive maps all together in the same screen. Each map is visible in its own window which can be controlled independently. Specific vehicles can be zoomed in the backdrop of all other vehicles. In this way, the fleet manager can make better decisions regarding operations. The tiled view facility enables them to better monitor the position and progress of different vehicles.

Fleet management with the latest truck tracking systems enables managers to cut down losses and maximize service calls of vehicles. Fuel costs and downtime of vehicles can also be minimized ensuring optimum profitability. With better fleet management, the organisation can achieve greater customer satisfaction and continuity of business.

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